Crypto Position Size Calculator

Calculate your crypto position size according to
account balance, risk, entry price, stop loss and exchange trading fees.

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How is the position size calculated?

The position size per trade is determined by your account balance, entry price, stop loss and the risk you want to take. The CPS crypto position size calculator has the option to include trading fees in the calculation to determine the true position size according to the risk set.

Enter your Account Balance
Specify your Risk
Type in your Entry Price and Stop Loss
(Optional) Unlock fees to enter your exchange's trading fees

Why should you include trading fees?

Trading fees have an impact on your crypto position size when you want to trade at a fixed risk. Let's say you are trading a $1000 account and set your risk to 1% ($10). And let's say your position size is $500 based on your entry and stop loss. If the exchange took 0.3% on your entry and stop orders (for instance, 0.1% maker fee and 0.2% taker fee), you would be paying $1.50 in trading fees. If you included these fees in your calculation, you would lose exactly $10 or 1% of your account balance if you were stopped out. If you did not include these fees, you would lose $11.50 or 1.15% of your account balance. Therefore, we recommend including trading fees in the calculation of the crypto position size so that the risk set is not exceeded.

Why is the position size important?

Risk management is most important to being successful as a trader. Many novice traders take way too much risk when trading and blow their accounts only after a few trades. The main reasons for this are too large positions and not trading with stop loss orders. It is important to understand that risk management, position sizing and loss protection go hand in hand. Professional traders take approximately 1-3% risk of their account balance per trade. Everything above this is considered a high risk trade. We recommend new traders sticking to 1% risk until they get consistent results. The correct crypto position size based on risk management protect traders from taking too much risk in trades.